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As a purchaser of this course you are entitled to an educational assessment at no cost.

Your assessment will be provided by an experienced educational consultant, and when it is completed, you will receive recommendations, based on your work history and prior education, regarding schools and study programs best suited to you, .

In order to begin your assessment, simply complete the form below. We understand that you might find it a little lengthy, but please be assured that the more information you provide, the better we will be able to prepare a meaningful assessment for you.

Academic History

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3a. English Proficiency

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5. Work History


We ask this information because in the end, it is the combination of your educational background and your work history that will be looked at to determine whether or not your application for a study permit will be approved or denied.


Completing this section is optional, but the more we know about your background and aspirations, the better we can help you select the perfect study program.

5a.  Current  or most recent employment

Please tell us of any special conditions or interests that might affect the selection of a study program.